I, too, am sad and it’s bringing us no closer together. I murmur, ‘Why are you so far away?’ Echoing my words, he answers, ‘Why are you so far away?’ and his voice is heavy with reproach. Because we’re separated, everything separates us, even our efforts to join each other.

Simone de Beauvoir, “The Mandarins” 

Your teeth.
I’m just gonna be honest and tell
you the first thing that made me
stop breathing, and it was your teeth,
peeking out of your mouth like little moons.
I was just a kid then, staring at the
big bad wolf like maybe his fangs could be kissed, like maybe I could get close
enough to taste the night on
his scowl, but I settled for a hand
on the shoulder, instead.
I’ll let you be the hero if it means you’ll love me.
I’ll be the villain if it means you’ll
touch me.
I don’t care.
I’ve got a handful of my
own darkness and if you won’t take
it then I’ll swallow it down myself
until I am something terrifying
and you have to come running to try and take it out of me.
Because the big bad wolf doesn’t
know how to use his big bad hands
and I know this like I know my name,
so I wait.
One day, I will stop talking about monsters.
I will stop trying to grow claws just
so that I can run with the wolves.
I will be the person who found you
and hated you until it felt like love,
and you’ll pretend not to notice the difference.
I will wait until your teeth are suns
and then I’ll be Icarus.
I’ll fly and sing your name on the way

Caitlyn Siehl, Little Moons 

You had to stand there saying:

I love you, I love you, I love you
we’re soul mates, you and I, but that doesn’t mean it works
that doesn’t mean it works

that means my soul can’t bear to be without yours

but that doesn’t mean it works

"You Couldn’t Just Leave?" Trista Mateer 

No one will ever be able to knock the wind out of me again. Not like that. Not like you.

Excerpt from ”Thank You” by Trista Mateer